Insurance and Fees


Birchlawn Place Counseling Center, INC accepts most major private insurance plans and medical assistance. If a client does not have health insurance or a clinician is not covered by a client’s health insurance plan, our agency offers a sliding fee scale. Clients will be responsible for any co-payments, deductible amounts, and any fees not covered by their health insurance plan.

Please note some of our services are not covered by most health insurance plans and are classified as non-clinical service. Non-clinical services offered include but are not limited to meetings with school personnel, some forms of clinical consultations, drafting and finalizing letters or clinical documents on behalf of the client, some screening tools and assessment measures, and various administrative services offered at Birchlawn Place Counseling Center, INC. Clients will be responsible for payment of fees associated with non-clinical services as they are not covered by most health insurance plans.

Fees and Payments

The cost of our services will vary depending on the type of service being provided.  During a client’s first appointment a clinician will review Birchlawn Place Counseling Center, INC’s financial and billing policy with them and answer any questions that may arise. Moreover, this time can serve as an opportunity to discuss personalized billing arrangements. 

We are pleased to offer customized and convenient recurring automatic payments utilizing a credit/debit card on file to bring ease to personalized billing arrangements should they be necessary.  Payments are due at the beginning of each appointment unless prior arrangements have been made with your clinician, finalized in writing, and on record at Birchlawn Place Counseling Center, INC. A copy of our fee schedule is available upon request from the Center Director.

Missed Appointment Policy

Birchlawn Place Counseling Center requires appointments be canceled 24 hours ahead of time. Clients will be charged a pre-established fee that is outlined in the financial and billing policy for cancelled and missed appointments. If clients fail to cancel an appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time on two or more instances, they may lose their standing appointment day and time. This policy may be waived for extenuating circumstances with approval from the Center Director.