Little girl with special needs enjoy spending time with mother in nature

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching at Birchlawn Place Counseling Center, INC includes a holistic package of parent coaching and parent support to assist parents in increasing their understanding of their child, building healthier parent-child relationships, and addressing identified concerns via individually tailored parent-coaching services to address parents/family’s individualized needs. Clinicians offer non-judgmental parenting coaching and parent support via providing the following service in which customized parent coaching services can be developed that includes some or all of the services outlined below based on the parents/family’s unique needs:

  • Child Development Psychoeducation: Clinicians provide psychoeducation on child development to include but not limited to assisting parents in understanding child development in addition to assisting parents and understanding typical behaviors and social-emotional functioning of children based on their developmental stage.
  • Child Developmental Activities:  Clinicians teach parents playful strategies that support children’s physical, emotional, and social development while concurrently fostering parent-child engagement, increased connections, and increased parent-child relationship satisfaction.
  • Behavior Management:  Clinicians partnering with the parent(s) to find effective ways to address behavioral concerns such as aggression, non-compliance, sibling rivalry utilizing updated strategies the demonstrate efficacy of behavior management both in the short term and long term.
  • Self-Care: Clinicians partner with the parent(s) to address stress related parenting concerns, assisting the parent(s) in identifying ways to implement self-care and manage their stress allowing the parent(s)  to increase their ability to regulate their emotions allowing them to engage in intentional parenting while reducing their frequency of reacting being their parenting approach and/or disengaging their child.
  • Best Parenting Practices: Clinicians assist the parent(s) in learning, implementing, and consistently following through with research-based best practices regarding issues such as homework, electronics, healthy living (exercise & eating habits), and behavior management.
  • Practical Problem Solving: Clinicians assist parents via collaboratively developing a plan that practical parenting concerns such as addressing childcare issues, education problems, and an array of other practical parenting concerns.
  • Parenting Support During Transitions or Crisis: Clinicians partner with parents to help parents draw from their internal strengths while surrounding parents with support and appropriate resources to assist parents in being the best parent they can be during a crisis or hardship, such as divorce, move,  or death of a loved one.
  • Parenting Questions: Clinicians take the time to actively listen to parents and ensure parents’ questions regarding their identified concerns and/or best parenting practices are answered.